I'm pleased to announce AD&T Consulting's Bit-by-Bit initiative, which introduces young students to coding using an engaging, incremental, and interactive approach.  We believe that a fundamental ability to code is vital to the successful practice of data science and many other fields.

Although you often hear people say things like "it's never too early to get started with programming," we believe a certain level of basic math and vocabulary ability is necessary to benefit from programming education.  Specifically, we believe students starting from seven years of age can benefit from a fun but structured introduction to programming.  

We use the puzzle and games-based approach to keep younger students engaged and excited about learning.  We also incorporate important mathematical and scientific concepts into our instruction to introduce young people to STEM subjects in an intuitive way. Play Ping Pong and/or Puzzle Blocks on a desktop or laptop computer to see the kind of games our students quickly and naturally learn how to code from scratch.  Contact us for more information about our Bit-By-Bit service.