We look forward to helping you reach your educational, career, and business goals.

Our educational services serve as a fundamental introduction to computer science that will lay the groundwork for future formal studies or easier implementation of that data science project. The service starts with short courses offered on the Linux operating system and programming languages that are widely-used by practitioners of data science.

By utilizing open source frameworks, our consulting services offer researchers and companies looking to extract valuable information from large-scale data stores a cost-effective entry point to this rapidly developing technology.

Sometimes all that's needed is a quick pointer in the right direction or a nudge to get the ball rolling. We offer short-term, cost-effective engagements.

Ed Ekpoudom

Founder & Principal Consultant

Ed Ekpoudom is the founder and Principal Consultant of AD&T Consulting. He has more than 10 years of information management experience from his time as an Air Force officer. He has led data and sentiment analysis initiatives at the highest levels of the Air Force and Joint command structures. He has an IBM certification in Big Data and Hadoop.

Ed holds graduate degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Virginia Tech. He is currently a graduate student studying computational mathematics in Johns Hopkins' Whiting School of Engineering and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute.